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Happy Minds are stress-free

Would you like to:

  • Be free from your stress forever?
  • Learn how to handle any situation with control of your mind?
  • Feel free to tackle any problem?
  • Feel proud at taking action to permanently remove your stress?

Why stress can be dangerous?

Stress is a build up of emotion caused by the mind’s response to certain situations. Stress does not only damage the state of the mind, but can seriously damage the body as well. Recent studies show that stress also seriously reduces your ability to work effectively; it clouds your judgment and stops you from being able to reach the levels of productivity you desire.

Chronic Stress can lead to strokes, heart attacks, depression and mental and physical fatigue; it can also hamper our body's ability to fight infection and heal wounds.

Unless you actually teach your mind a different way to deal with stress your mind is always going to react the same way. This is why it's important to learn how to become stress free.

This Happy Minds Program will enable you to be Stress-Free forever

Happy Minds have distilled the best stress beating techniques to come up with an absolutely guaranteed service that will deliver you from stress, and give you the tools that will enable you to always be in control.

What to expect ?

  • We will explore what causes your stress and remove the stress you are suffering through a series of simple mind exercises.
  • We will investigate how you manifest your stress and teach you and your mind new ways of dealing with stress so you can take control over it.
  • We will simply explain and teach you these techniques to equip you with the appropriate tools to deal with any stressful situation that may arise in the future.

This training is very effective because it will be tailored to your own internal processes so with the use of the power of your mind we will find out the way you deal with your feelings and the ways to overcome stressful situations.

Now contact and let’s discuss how...

"For the last 10 years my stress had been getting worse and worse, and I thought it was just the type of person I was. In less then an hour you transformed my beliefs. Thank you, my wife thanks you and even my mother thanks you. The difference has been amazing." Ian Miller

Price List :Stress-free

Package Sessions Total time Price Extras
Stress Free : Full package 3 6 £350.00 Learning how to be completely stress free. All the tools and tteachings you need.
Stress Free : De stress session 1 1hrs £50.00 Single de stressing session. Completely removing stress, with the power of trance and hypnosis.


Book an introductory session for only £50.00 and we can discuss which of these packages will suit your individual needs the best.

We prefer to train you in your own home, since this is where you are more comfortable. However we can also accommodate the training at our location in the West End of Glasgow. Please contact for more details.




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We can easiiy train your mind to handle all situations







Skype sessions available


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