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Designed by Andrew Milne, Anxiety Away is an anxiety-management system that will teach you how to:

  • recognise emotional energy
  • release negative emotions
  • restore positive emotional flow

During the sessions you will learn how to recognise and remove major anxieties that can lead to panic attacks, phobia, nerves etc. Under guidance and supervision, learn simple and very effective mind-based techniques that will empower you to be anxiety-free and will train your mind and your emotional system to handle your emotional energy correctly.

Together we will explore your anxiety triggers and you will discover that any situation can be overcome at the emotional level. The mind can very quickly with the power of this training learn how to do things differently.

We have been teaching people how to overcome anxiety for over 6 years now and we have lots of simple and effective methods to ensure you will get the results and life you deserve. This training is for you if you wish to discover an easy and effective way to overcome the anxiety habit and learn a new way of seeing and experiencing a happy confident life.


The Anxiety Habit

Along with a growing number of people in the Neuroscience community it is my belief that anxiety is a mental habit, a learned behaviour. Where we learned this is less important, but how we unlearn it and learn to deal with our emotions more effectively is important
People who suffer anxiety, have become very good over the years at creating it. They have become anxiety masters. It is a mental skill that does us no good.
The exciting news is that anxiety can be unlearned, released, and new positive emotions can be learned by the mind and emotional system.

What would life be like when you are able to remove anxiety from it?

Complete emotional confidence within

  • Could you benefit from having social confidence?
  • Have you ever wished to feel more comfortable with who you are?
  • Will your life change a lot or just enough to begin to really enjoy it, if you were to have unlimited confidence at your disposal?

Learn the process to be able to generate unlimited amounts of confidence.

  • Confidently discover what is it like to connect confidently with each major part of your body.
  • Confidently connect with your emotional centres and discover how to feel confidence anywhere anytime.
  • Discover social confidence that will have you enjoying being more fully you at any social event.

This program will teach you how to enjoy massive amounts of emotional confidence in all areas of your life. You will be expertly taught using language that is designed specifically to teach the unconscious how to begin to generate feelings of confidence.

Emotional confidence is the almost opposite of anxiety. It’s a feel good state that makes you feel empowered. It’s the confidence to be who you want to be. Emotional confidence is true confidence for your own self.

  • Learn the secrets of posture and its effect on mental state.
  • Learn how to generate confidence with your body, mind and emotional state.

How will your world be different when you feel confident everywhere?

Price List : Anxiety Away confidence within

Package Sessions Total time Price Extras
Anxiety Away 1 6 12 hrs £500.00  
Anxiety Away 2 4 8 hrs £350.00  
Per session 1 2 hrs £100.00  
Introductory session 1 1.5 hrs £50.00  


Book an introductory session for only £50.00 and we can discuss which of these packages will suit your individual needs the best.

We prefer to train you in your own home, since this is where you are more comfortable. However we can also accommodate the training at our location in the West End of Glasgow. Please contact for more details.


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