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Happy Minds has been established since 2009 to offer the people of Glasgow the opportunity to receive an effective cognitive and change-based training for enabling their minds to get over a variety of problems.

Andrew Milne, the founder and lead trainer, has developed the Happy Minds programs after years of training and research into change-therapy, NLP, cognitive behaviour, hypnosis and many other forms of effective therapy.

Utilising many different techniques and styles, and constantly updating our skills, we aim to deliver to you ground-breaking training that is leading thinking in the world of self-development and will change your life forever.

"I have always been incredibly fascinated about how peoples’ minds operate and the differences in each individual. For the past five years I have dedicated myself to studying the best change artists and the best of effective therapies to bring you what is considered to be the most effective and simplest methods and technologies to enable you to get over the issues that plague your life. I have studied in detail how the mind operates and how the modern complaints of stress, anxiety and depression work, and more importantly, how we can teach the mind to overcome any obstacles."
Andrew Milne

"Andrew Milne is one of the most gifted and dedicated NLPers I have ever met. He will work tirelessly to assist anyone over there problems."
Richard Stuart NLP Master trainer.

Qualifications : Master Practitioner NLP, Dip NLP, Dip Hypnosis, D.P.C, Bsc.

Hypnosis : I have studied hypnosis for the majority of my adult life, hypnosis for me is a means to access through different levels of trance the unconscious processes which can cause us to behave in ways that do not serve us. The majority of 'trances' we use are no more than "close eyes" imaginations that allow us to reprogram the unconscious process. There is no 'deep' hypnosis involved and it is all designed to leave you feeling empowered, safe, comfortable and relaxed. The level of hypnosis is always determined by the client and is an added extra to the service. I believe it creates a powerful experience that truly allows transformation to happen.

The unconscious mind and processes : If we think about the mind as being two large parts, the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious mind being the part we think with and where we decide to do things, the unconscious and the processes that reside there are the things that run automatically, like the reaction to certain situations. We have no conscious control over them, we do not decide to feel fear in certain situations, it just happens automatically. To effect deep lasting change NLP and hypnosis work at the unconscious level to rewrite the unconscious programs, with the power of NLP and hypnosis we can do that easily and simply.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): Was created in the 70s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, a computer programmer and a linguist. They studied the most effective change-workers and developed NLP as a model for the mind. At its core it teaches us how to identify unconscious programs as pictures we make, sounds that we hear (internally) and feelings that we experience. To find out more the wiki page offers a good overview.


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Andrew Milne
"Freedom from your own personal cause of SAD can easily be reached"

Andrew Milne


(c)2013 Andrew Milne