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"Happy Minds…..Real Radio Breakfast show"

Real Radio contacted me to ask my opinion of phobias. I was delighted when they said they would arrange for a phobic to come in and give me the opportunity to cure them in one quick session.

Sharon had been terribly afraid of spiders all her life. Sharon was also one of the most phobic people I have met. She described various events which would leave her having to flee her house in terror. This is where phobia becomes a real pain. This is one of the reasons I got into this line of work, for people like Sharon, who's own mind was terrorising them.

I am happy to report that after only 40 mins I completely had Sharon over her phobia and holding a massive spider which was brought into the studio.

I am proud of Sharon and really glad I could help her, I can only imagine the ways this is going to change her life.


Here are some pictures from the day

Sh1 Spider phobia 3

spider phobia 2 spider phobia 4

Oh it's a big spider! Just 40 min's before this was taken Sharon could not even be in a house with a spider !

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Pictures from the real radio breakfast show






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